The Pursuing God

The Pursuing God

by Josuhua Ryan Butler


Is God lost? Many of us feel that way. It's as if God's gone missing, out in the universe somewhere--and we must pick up the hunt, following any trail of breadcrumbs to go find him. We speak of "searching for God,""exploring spirituality," and "finding faith." But what if we have it backward and God is the one pursuing us?What if our job is not to go find God, but to stop running and hiding?Not to discover the light, but step out of the shadows? Not to earnGod's love, but simply receive it? Jesus reveals a God who comes after us, who is on the prowl, hunting down his world for reconciliation. And the question we're left withis not whether we've been good enough, jumped high enough, or sought hard enough... The question is: "Do we want to be found?"

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I love shifting paradigms, to help people who wrestle with tough topics of the Christian faith by confronting popular caricatures and replacing them with the real thing.