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We think of God’s throne as a distant future concept, unaware that we’re already living on His footstool.

“Won’t heaven be boring?” a friend once asked me. “I mean, I like music, but a never-ending worship service?” He was struggling with Revelation 4, where God sits on a heavenly throne at the center of the biggest worship event you’ve ever seen. Verse 8 says the adulation never stops: “Holy, holy, holy” plays on repeat. Great and true—but for all eternity? Couldn’t the heavenly DJ find a few other records to spin?

Fortunately, I assured my friend, I think Revelation is pointing to a much greater reality. We can quickly reclaim the passage’s main point by looking at its central symbol: the throne. The throne shows up 10 times in Revelation 4, which is a major clue that says, “Pay attention because this is important.”

What’s This Throne All About?

Kings rule from their thrones, and God is doing just that. Think of it as the “divine command center” for the universe. If we go back to the Old Testament, we see that God’s throne is a prominent symbol—and it’s not so much about where we go when we die as it is about God’s rule over our world today. Let’s take a look…

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