Hello friends,

The Party Crasher comes out in two months! I’m excited about this one. Can I tell you about it?

My heart has broken to see partisan politics crashing Jesus’ kingdom party. Friendships fractured; families divided; churches torn apart. I’m sure you’ve seen it too. I share loads of firsthand stories in the book. It’s been tragic. 

You can be sure: 2024 is going to be a doozy.

The political divide is wider than ever. Each side demands ultimate allegiance that’s incompatible with the Christian faith. 

This issue is bigger than Democrat or Republican. 

I want to help you navigate the political division going into the upcoming election season with maturity and faithfulness to Jesus.

You’ll discover America’s four political religions and why Jesus is crashing them all. The fervency with which so many advocate their political ideals is best described in religious terms. Four political “religions” have arisen in America:

  • Religion of Progress: “We can change the world.”
  • Religion of Responsibility: “Pull yourself up by your bootstraps.”
  • Religion of Identity: “Live your truth.”
  • Religion of Security: “Good fences make good neighbors.”

In this nonpartisan work, I first expose the religious nature of these political movements and how they compete for our allegiance to Jesus, and then prescribe ten political commandments for Christlike engagement.

We’ll get practical, with formational practices for a polarized world. You’ll learn how to be peacemakers rather than peacefakers or peacebreakers. You’ll learn how to be actively engaged in politics without compromising the fruit of the Spirit. You’ll learn how to not just make a point but make a difference.  

Fortunately, Jesus is the ultimate Party Crasher. Whichever side you’re on, Jesus is disrupting politics-as-usual and calling you into a bigger, bolder, grander vision that can redeem our partisan divide. 

The King of Kings is throwing a feast and you’re invited. 

Join the party.

Releases: March 5th.
Pre-order available now: HERE.