This is a Christmas article I wrote for InTouch Magazine, appearing in their most recent issue. Read the full post here.

Jesus’ presence on earth was a gift from the Father—and a blessed confrontation.

Son of Man. The term is used quite frequently in Scripture. In fact, it is the most common title Jesus uses to refer to Himself. But what does it mean, exactly? When we hear this descriptor, we tend to think of the humanity of Christ—that He was born as a little baby, that He took on flesh and blood, skin and bone to live with us, that He felt our frailty, temptation, weakness, and pain.

These statements are all very true, of course, and appropriate Christmas themes. Yet does the title “Son of Man” point toward something more? In truth, when Jesus’ first-century audience heard Him use the phrase, they had a very different set of associations in mind, ones that can broaden our understanding of why this infant in a manger is the hope of the world…

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