Hello friends!

You can now check out a free sample chapter from my upcoming book, The Party Crasher: HERE.

The chapter’s called “The Four Political Religions.” It seeks to help explain “What the heck just happened in American politics?” where things have gotten so crazy. We talk of Left and Right, but the political landscape is more complex today. There are four political religions vying for our allegiance:

  • The Religion of Progress: “We can change the world” (modern-left);
  • The Religion of Responsibility: “Pull yourself up by your bootstraps” (modern-right);
  • The Religion of Identity: “Live your truth” (postmodern-left);
  • The Religion of Security: “Good fences make good neighbors” (postmodern-right).

These four political religions help make sense of the polarization fracturing our friendships, families, and churches today. 

Read the full free sample chapter: HERE

I’d love to know what you think! Which quadrant do you lean towards? 

In Christ,