2024: The Crazy is Coming!

Hello friends,

Does your church, ministry, or small group want to equip people to navigate the political craziness ahead? I’ve added a variety of free Ministry Resources to my website (HERE), including:

  • A Christian Political Commitment: a 10-point commitment you can ask your people to sign onto. Based on Chapters 4 and 5 of The Party Crasher, this helps provide clear biblical guidelines for how to approach this political season with faithfulness to Jesus as his followers. (Downloadable as a pdf or jpg.)
  • Sermon Outlines: Here’s how I would approach a sermon series based on The Party Crasher. Feel free to take them, tweak them, and make them your own! (Free download.)
  • Book Overview: These three short videos give an overview of what ground The Party Crasher covers and how it can be used as a resource for your church or ministry (for those considering it as a possible resource).
  • Bulk Order Discount: Are you purchasing multiple copies of The Party Crasher for your church, organization, or group? Use this link to get the best price possible for your order.

Take me there! (Click HERE)

Thanks so much! I’d love to hear what you think if you find them useful. 

To the King and the kingdom,