Loved this conversation with the amazing Francie Winslow on Heaven in Your Home! Her podcast is a powerful resource that many people I know use to cultivate greater intimacy in their marriage. You should definitely check it out.

On this episode, we talked about: sunsets, the beauty of God’s story written
on our bodies, duty language vs beauty language, moving from a rule-keeping
mindset to an image-bearing mindset, a higher vision for singleness and
marriage, holy masculinity and holy femininity, the union of male & female
as a sign of greater things. 

Sex is meant to point to something bigger, reflecting the goodness of a purposeful Creator. Our God is an intentional designer and His creation, including sex and sexuality, was designed to point to greater things. While the church has at times disregarded the importance and meaning of the body and sex, this conversation helps us see there is a different way to see and celebrate the story of God.

Check out Francie’s podcast and website for more resources on cultivating intimacy in your marriage.