Francie Winslow’s Heaven in Your Home podcast has a cult-like following amongst many people in our church. She’s amazing at helping people cultivate intimacy in their marriages. We’d never met before, so I was so excited when she reached out about how much she loved Beautiful Union. We had an amazing podcast conversation (which you can check out here) and she was kind enough to write this endorsement for the next printing of Beautiful Union:

In Beautiful Union, Josh helps us to re-discover the incredible, sacred picture of our Creator that has been inscribed on us as His image bearers. It’s through this lens that we get a fresh vision of restoration and healing from the pain and brokenness that has plagued us as it relates to our bodies and sexuality. Josh’s deep work invites us to step back and see the larger narrative so that we can more easily experience the current work, restoration and beauty of God in our real lives. I’m so thankful for Josh’s clarity, wisdom and compassion communicated through this insightful and truly transformational work. 

Francie Winslow, Host of the Heaven in Your Home podcast

Check out Francie’s ministry here for great resources on cultivating intimacy in your marriage.