The Party Crasher is officially launched out into the world!! (Click HERE to order your copy.)

I hope and pray this resource will help equip the church to walk faithfully to Jesus in the election season ahead. 🙏 

The political divide is wider than ever. I’ve seen it fracture families, friendships, and churches. Each side demands ultimate allegiance that’s incompatible with the Christian faith. The fervency with which so many advocate their political ideals is best described in religious terms. 

Fortunately, Jesus is the ultimate Party Crasher. And he is disrupting politics-as-usual to invite us to embrace a bold vision capable of redeeming our partisan divide.

Thank you to all those who pre-ordered! You should be receiving your copy today. 

If you haven’t ordered yet, it’s available at your favorite retailers HERE.

Id love to know what you think 🙌