Beautiful Union is out in the wild! Sex is powerful. God has invested it with great meaning, which means it can be a force for great good or great harm in our lives, as some of the recent conversation this month has highlighted. I’m so excited the whole book is now available, all 266 pages to give the full heart of the book, with plenty of footnotes to dive deeper into nuance and scholarly references.

Sex is iconic. That’s the big idea of the book. God has designed sex to point to greater things, big and beautiful things: the structure of creation, the nature of salvation, the abundance of the kingdom, and the identity of God.

Sex can be an icon or an idol, either a window we look through to get a glimpse of the glory and goodness of God, or a mirror that reflects our own selfishness and brokenness. When it comes to sexual faithfulness, the goal is not simply “keeping the rules” but imaging God, reflecting the character and faithfulness of Christ.

Let me say right up front what I hope comes clearly through on every page of this book: You are loved. By God. By me. Everything—everything—starts with that. Ends with that too. God’s love is the endgame of this book, for it is what the icon points to.

There’s a Study Guide available too, to go deeper into personal study or group discussion.

Let’s have a conversation! If you check it out, I’d love to know what you think.